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If it was, it failed. A sexual awakening for the heroine, mixed in with some BDSM and kinky sex does not equate dark romance.

For me, the book was hyped up to be a "dark read," which was the reason why I read it in the first place and when it ended up being more of a smutty guilty pleasure book, that feeling of disappointment is just The main problem I had with this book though is this: But for this book?

Why does she fall in love with Twitch? Why does he even stalk Lexi? So many questions that needed to be answered, and quite frankly, there was no build up or plot development to get to that point.

The second huge problem I had with this book was Twitch himself. That bandage scene where they repeat the exact same words from the prologue?

It may be a 20 year gap, BUT since Lexi said she thought of Antonio a lot through the years and that one scene in the prologue was their ONE time of communicating, how is it that she doesn't connect the dots?

Way too many similarities and a TSTL naive female lead. This and the filler sex part is what made it a 2 star book for me. That sparks his agenda for tracking her down and worming himself into her life.

He does that by hiring a dude to attack Lexi so he can come to her rescue. The last few lines of the book I need some serious clarification on.

Is this supposed to be a standalone? I think I was still in the dismal shock phase and never got out of it to cry.

So why not 1 star then? The last thing I wanted to say is, there have been several concerns with a particular reader not liking this rating and proceeding to tell me how to rate it.

Originally I had posted a portion of what this person said to me, but I took it down because I didn't want to confuse others into thinking I was addressing the author.

I have several screenshots of the PM this person sent me, and if I were truly vindictive, I would've posted it for the entire GR community to see comes with this person's name, full PM, etc but I didn't because who wants a GR shitstorm when this is a place for readers alike to gather around and chat books?

View all comments. Therefore, when I discovered that Belle Aurora was writing another book I was beyond blissful.

I fi You can read my full review at Sinfully Sexy and enter to win ebooks and swag prizes. I find out that this book is NOT a love story.

At first I did not believe it. Not my sweet Belle Aurora who writes books that make me smile, swoon and leave me all heart-fluttery.

She would not do it. Belle, after reading this book I want to curl up in a little ball and die. Yes, I do admit that it is a bit over the top and melodramatic.

You read the book and see how well you handle it. Raw by Belle Aurora is a book I want other readers to simply experience without any preconceived notions.

Giving anything away would simply be a tragedy. Therefore, coming up with something for a review has been difficult.

I will simply say this. This book is gritty. It is dark and twisted. And, my friends, this book is dirty. Alexa Ballentine is a sweet young woman who has overcome a pretty shitty upbringing.

She has a great job, some amazing friends and stability. Twitch, on the other hand, is definitely not a white knight prancing around on a huge horse looking for a fair maiden to save.

He is simply not a good man. Yet, the more you get to know and understand him, the more you want to believe that his hardened shell can be cracked.

That there has to be some good in such a hard and warped man. This is a book about how we tend to label individuals based on what we see.

This is also a book about how certain people can bring out our dark side. Raw by Belle Aurora will challenge you. It will make you uncomfortable.

But, most of all, it will make you feel. My gosh, did this book play with me. And, if I am to be completely honest, I liked it. Now, I will go back to my quiet corner and continue to sob until my broken heart recovers.

Who am I kidding? I am damaged for life! But I'm gonna go ahead and just call this one here. Because otherwise, I would be ripping this thing to shreds.

And as highly entertaining as that has the potential to be Which would make me an asshole. And while I am aware that my profile name contains the word "bitchy," because TRUTH, there is a huge difference between being bitchy and just plain cruel.

And besides, my "make people cry" quota is already full for the week, so J fucking K people. This was supposed to be "oooooooo" all dark and ish, but it was reading like a parody for me.

The writing style had a very tongue-in-cheek feel to it that just didn't jive with the tone I felt like the book was trying to go for.

And, speaking of the writing I just didn't care for it, quite frankly. Everything comes down to personal preference, as they say, and this just wasn't my cup of tea.

Or rubbing alcohol any ingestible form of liquid that I would actually drink. But the main reason I am calling it quits here? Homegirl is a social worker, but what with how selflessly holier than thou she, as the narrator, portrays herself to be, you would think she majored in Super Woman and minored in Psychiatry.

I know that everyone is different, but what I'm sure about Twitch is that he's a sociopath. Got that within five minutes did ya? The guy loves me!

I'm sure he wasn't used to what he got from me. I told George that I worked with a lot of people who suffered mental illness, and that if he felt a panic attack coming on that I would be there for him It takes a lot to offend me.

But I grew up in a bipolar household. An immediate family member. And it's not something that even highly trained psychiatrists can always notice "right away," let alone a simple social worker who thinks she's God's gift to humanity.

And to have the fucking audacity to trivialize something complex like that by presuming to say "I work with people with mental illness" - like you, you poor thing!

Oh man, I'll be right fucking there, Super Woman! You hath cured me with your mere presence! Thank FUCK you moved in! That's not cool, babe.

Staring down a moment, I state, 'Stereotype. Why don't you go lecture Kettle some more about how not to be cookware.

Seriously, this was just fucking ridiculous and, like I said, I'm not going to be cruel and finish this thing knowing it's headed down a road I don't want to be on.

Because I'm not in the mood to hear about what dearest Alexa learned in Pysch And I'm not in the mood for self harm today either.

That it would make ME cry. And to that person I say, did you not remember this about me? I hardly EVER cry. But I swear I'm really soft inside my hard candy outer shell.

After reading Raw, thought to myself Talk about diverse writing styles! Although it did have a touch of humor, this book was much more dark than her previous works.

And I loved it! It's not a happy love story. But h 5 RAW stars! This is a story of a love gone wrong. Alexa is a good girl.

She always has been. She loves her job and her two best friends. Life is pretty good. Then she meets Twitch. I know I should feel differently. I should feel uneasy.

Something about this man puts my mind at rest. And now I know deep down that I have nothing to fear. Twitch will protect me. Just like he always does.

He comes and goes as he pleases, but he is there with her. Twitch is not a good guy. He is successful, ruthless, and he looks the part- covered in tattoos.

I love a villain. The anti-hero of the story. Those severely damaged and fucked up characters. Twitch fits the bill. You have no idea how wrong you are.

What you want me to be Twitch and Lexi together It was erotic, dirty, sexy, steamy and down right HOT. She is shocked with how much she likes it.

The things that Twitch does to her, things that should scare her to death, they don't. Well, maybe they scare her a bit but mostly they turn her on.

Twitch is more surprised than Lexi. This he was not expecting. Lexi is a contradiction to him. Lexi is ruined by Twitch, just as he wanted.

One minute he wants to ruin Lexi, the next he wants her forever. But thats why I love him. Now to that ending. I will admit, I cried when reading it.

Did I love how the book ended? I am, however, hoping the author decides to write a second book. This book will have your heart beating out of your chest.

There were a few things I found out that had me in a state of shock. The author is correct. This is a story of a love gone wrong I would highly recommended this book to anyone looking for an intense, unconventional, powerful and tantalizing read.

If that sounds like your cup of tea- pick this up. I'm blinking back tears and pissed off at the same time!!

I don't see a 2 in Belle's shelves Gotta have a I can't write a review of this book My review will not be able to do this book justice.

I can't put into words what I felt about this book - because it keeps coming out as a jumble of thoughts which make no sense.

I just want to make clear OMG I just want to make clear though I fell in love The end - Ummmmm If you see this Ms. View all 65 comments.

I assume this is why God allowed humans the simple act of crying. When a person cries, they feel the sadness slowly ease out of them. They feel as though they are justifiably respecting a person that has died through showing their grief.

They allow a moment of sorrow to overcome them and cry out a small portion of their unseen pain. She considers her kids her cubs, she deeply cares for their well being and it shows in her actions.

Coming from two parents who were not parents at all she personally knows from experience how bad it can be out on the streets. Alexa is also aware of him ; watching her.

He is the eyes under the hoodie. I will own her. Something bad happens and it brings hoodie stalker guy up close and personal with Alexa.

He lowers the hood. Scares her, scares me, it gets real. You have no idea what will happen. He watches me some more. It feels as if they see everything.

His name is Twitch and he has an itch so to speak for Alexa. Something I want to be a part of. Something I want to be included in. Twitch is very up front with Alexa when he tells her what he is about and uhhh how he likes it.

He wants to break Alexa, but why? Handing over control to a person is a big deal. A showing of trust. And sometimes, I would like to be taken on a ride rather than drive.

I found it witty and entertaining. My Sour - Well my first choice is too spoilerish so here is my second choice, mean Twitch… I did not like mean Twitch at all.

This is the first time secondary characters made the book for me and the main characters just seemed to give me a splitting headache.

I was so unsure on how to rate RAW. Well for one, I struggled with the hero, Twitch and his motives towards Alexa. More so the reasoning behind it.

Second, Alexa and her internal battle with allowing Twitch to Dominate her.. It seemed like she fought it throughout the entire book and I just did not get that about her.

Either your down or not. Her actions spoke volumes though.. So why internally fight it, just accept it. Maybe that is easier said then done, don't know.

Yes, I understand his anger but I feel as if he chose Alexa without just cause. His anger was completely misdirected.

So maybe it was just me. I sort of thought there was a few plot holes. He said it took a year to find her, ok so how soon was he in Australia after that?

Was he blinded by his rage? Why not explore that a bit more? Or is all this a result of his brain injury? That irked me the way she dropped it. Guess that falls in to his mysterious ways category huh?

I felt these things could have been explored upon maybe cut out a few sex scenes. However, it would have upped my rating if I had these answers of this I am sure.

Can these two find love? Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews got to: View all 70 comments.

May 11, Khadidja rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sometimes they hide in plain sight. For a reason "There's something about Twitch, he's just And Gritty, Dirty, and unbound.

View all 18 comments. This is a story of love gone bad. If you're under age 18, please think twice and then you read this book.

You have to meet Twitch. Also he has a piercing on his umm how am I gonna say this? He has a piercing on his thing. Yeah you got the idea right?

D Damn you Twitch, you're distracting me with your sexy thing.. D Anyway, what was I saying? Right I was talking about book D This book was so fucking sexy, it was so disturbing but also it was soooo fucking sad..

With all of this I really enjoyed it and I cried in the end. I knew it how it will end but still it broke me.

And now I can't wait to read 2nd book. All of them are my favorites. And If you haven't read the book yet, I wouldn't recommend to you read them.

Squeezing my ass once more, he places his lips at the shell of my ear. Get used to it. And be good to you. I'll treat you like a queen.

I heard somewhere that a king only bows down to his queen. And I'm bowing down to Lexi. Raw and gritty, and dirty as hell.

And I've never felt better. His brand of sex comes with a warning label. That should make me want to run in the opposite direction.

It makes her stronger than most. Putting your body into the hands of someone else…that takes balls. He growls and sucks in perfect rhythm. He takes a step forward, his eyes never leaving mine.

I will be rough with you. I will push you to your limits. Everything about him is raw. He's a raging fire. And I'm a fragile moth fluttering into the flame.

Sooner or later, I'm going to get burned. Will I even survive the heat? He presses his erection into my thigh. No one will ever take care of you the way I can.

The way I know you want it. And when I say I would really like that, I mean suck my cock, Lexi. I feel scarred flesh under the tattoo. Shaking my head and closing my eyes, I pull my hand away.

A tight grip on my wrist stops me, bringing my hand back to his cheek. He leans into my touch, almost like a cat. Turning his head, he kisses the inside of my wrist.

And my throat clogs. All I care about is what I want. View all 67 comments. And she kinda likes it.

One night she is viciously attacked outside her apartment, and her stalker becomes her savior. Then her savior becomes her lover. This guy has me so hot and bothered I actually feel tipsy.

I was all wrapped up in the story until learning Twitch was a brooding millionaire. That liked rough sex. I rolled my eyes and thought, "Oh no, another fifty shades rip off".

Twitch is a true sociopath. Breaking the law, torture, and murder are acceptable ends to a mean. His obsession with breaking Alexa becomes his downfall.

Because I'm going to do bad things to you. She was just an innocent six year old girl that helped bandage him up after his father abused him.

Lexi is an angel at heart. She doesn't judge others and she puts others needs before her own. Twitches goal has been to hurt her and cause her pain.

Which is pretty fucked up in my opinion. Mostly due to foreshadowing, there were a few plot twists through out the book that I felt were predictable.

Some were entertaining, but predictable. I also knew deep in my gut that this could only end tragically. I will place these under a spoiler tag, even though this review is already hidden.

I don't suggest you read these spoilers that irked me unless you have read the book. Because this will definitely ruin it for you.

Then everything they do is forgiven. It was so obvious. That was his way in from stalker, to savior. The fact that he did that disgusts me and was almost a deal breaker.

Even though he wanted to hurt Lexi, his obsession with her made no sense. And this should have been Twitches reason for wanting to hurt Lexi was a joke.

He wanted to hurt her because she was nice to him once when he was eight years old, and gave him hope of a better life? So he wanted to "break" her.

Because how dare she give him hope!! That's a horribly weak plot! I knew the book would end tragically!! There is a thing called revenge!!!

A real Sociopath would know this. That's a Damn Good question!!! I knew Michael was gonna end up dead when he started working for Twitch.

Final eye roll…how do you fake a death while in a coma, cause I know that Lexi probably never left his side.

So did he wake up the one moment she did leave the hospital and tell Happy, "Hey, lets fake my death to keep her and the baby safe" And there was no reason to fake his death after the One Eyed man was dead?

The Epilogue Twitch as a sociopath was pretty spot on, until the end when Twitch states that he "cried like a baby" when he saw his son with markers on his hand.

That shit was touching as hell. I got misty too. But that is not true to the character of a sociopath. A true sociopath would not deny himself being with Lexi and his son.

They are too selfish to do that. Twitch tried to push Lexi away in his office by telling her that he had hired that man to rape her, only to change his mind 3 minutes later before she got to the elevator.

Sociopaths are not saints that are able to put the needs of others first. There is no way Twitch could have stated away for 5 years.

Maybe there will be a book 2, maybe not. This would have been a solid 4 star if I hadn't rolled my eyes so much at how "over the top" Twitch was.

I Must say that this writer's flow was very smooth. I never had to re-read passages, or stumble over anything. Her thoughts were clear and precise.

And I loved the switch in POV's. My 2 star review is NO reflection of Belle Aurora 's writing style. I would definitely consider reading another of her books!!!

View all 77 comments. Before I carry on let me get this off my chest. Raw is not a dark read, it's exactly what the author says: What a riveting and entertaining story!

I really enjoyed this reading Raw, Twitch and Lexi were hilarious and infuriating at times, but I had to know their story and where it would go!

She's a social worker who has a soft spot for kids who've be 4 Consuming Stars!!! She's a social worker who has a soft spot for kids who've been forced onto the streets because of life at home.

This makes sense since her childhood was almost exactly the same. He's a successful "businessman". While out one day she's attacked and Twitch comes to her rescue, this is the beginning of a compelling relationship, Twitch is intense and broody both in public and in the bedroom, he's all alpha male.

He's also a crazy, hot, domineering, panty-melting, ovary-busting asshole; and I really liked him! Lexi is sweet, quirky and can be a dork at times, she's the ying to he's yang.

Once he allowed her to see him, she really didn't have a chance. She was literally putty in his hands, and any inconsistencies with his story were over looked.

I laughed, I got angry, I wanted to slap some sense into them and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This book is engaging, it had a touch of humour that I found refreshing this is huge, because I don't like humour I enjoyed the writing immensely and will definitely be reading more of this author's work.

I hope there's a book 2 because that's the more I want to read Belle Aurora Release Date: January 3rd, Rating: As much as I adored her previous novels, this time she not only astounded me but also showed me how talented she truly is.

In Raw she not only challenged herself, completely changing her usual style of writing from easygoing, Title: My respect for her only grew.

Raw was gritty read. Fabulously wild story that took me on the verge of sanity and made me step out of my comfort zone more than once.

I felt unimaginable pain, fear, shock and discomfort. I was thrown on wild, rough, never ending, the most fucked up ride of my life.

Ride that made me forget about everything only to make me feel. And I loved every minute of it. She has loveable friends, great work and nice apartment.

She also has a stalker. He is bad and period. This is a great addition to the story, because it makes it realistic. Belle Aurora made a great job in creating characters.

Their entirely opposite personalities were well thought and brilliant! Raw is not a fluffy love story.

Raw is not your usual romance. While being sexy, controversial and so, so hot, Raw was everything I could ask for. I am immensely glad I picked it up and opened myslef for this wonderful erotic experience.

View all 53 comments. Then I simply gave up and skipped to the last few paragraphs of the last chapter and then skimmed through an epilogue.

I was really excited about this book because so many of my GR friends enjoyed it. It's not that it was bad.

It just failed to provoke any sort of feelings in me and I hate those kinds of books. I feel like a cat in the GIF below - deflated and dead inside Half a star is for Twich, his tatts and his pierced cock.

View all 54 comments. Honestly that is how I feel right now. It is so hard to come to terms with what I just read and type it down. All I know is that this is my first 5 star book I have read in I couldn't have asked for more of a perfect book, I couldn't.

There is nothing I would have changed. Maybe something but when I think about it I am sad and hap 5 Twitch stole my heart stars Spoiler free I feel like someone came and kicked me in my chest as hard as they could and leaving me there to care for myself.

Maybe something but when I think about it I am sad and happy at the same time. That is one thing I do know is that. Doesn't make any sense of me saying that when you have no idea what I am talking about but once you read it you will get me.

It has been a long time since I have read a couple that compares to Twitch and Lexi. I think it has been years.

It just takes me that deep that I just can't compare it to any other book or character. Both of these two characters are fucked up in their own way.

I feel like their relationship is so unique that is is hard not to love it and want everything to come out happy roses and everyone dances.

The title speaks for it self. It comes down to that it is fucking damn raw and I love it that much more.

I love when I start reading a book and I can't put it down for the life of me. I have to finish it just to know what is going to happen.

I felt this sick feeling in my stomach through the whole thing cause it is not like any book I have read. You have no idea what is going to happen.

It takes you by surprise and leaves you feeling like I said someone kicked you in the fucking chest. I do not regret anything on this.

Just that I wish I would have took my time instead of being greedy and devouring the fucking book in one night. I know everyone has their own titles on what they think is dark.

To me this is not dark in no way shape or form. I never got that feel from this book and nothing made me think that it was dark.

I love my dark reads those are my favorite. I am glad that I was not told this book was dark before I read it because then I would have gotten a more hyped up of the darkness that was suppose to be coming out of it.

So I am glad that I did not hear that before I read it. But it kind of throws me off that some say this is dark. Anyhow just wanted to throw that out there Twitch, is not the good guy in this book.

He is the villain and I must say I fucking love the villains the most. For some reason they draw my attention more then the good ones.

And fuck man, Twitch makes the perfect fucking villain. I could keep him and eat him up all day long. Yes he is that perfect to me.

He does fucked up shit and it seems kind of crazy but hey I love it. I swear within the first couple of pages of this book I my heart was already in it.

It is very heart wrenching when reading it at time. Kind of chokes me up still just thinking about this book. I couldn't have asked for a better book to start my year.

The author did an amazing job creating such a beautiful fucked up story. Indiana Jones and the statue of the God RA are the highest paid ones.

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